Couples Guide

Whether we're doing a session to celebrate an engagement, anniversary, new home, or even just going out for date night, here are some tips to making sure your session is picture perfect!

Location, Location, Location

First things first! Let's find a location. That will help determine what outfits to wear and the best time of day to shoot. Is there a special place that means a lot to you two? Or maybe just a place that you think is beautiful? If you don't have any ideas, I'll send over my location guide to help you find the perfect spot!

Did you know:

There is such a thing as a destination session? Planning a trip somewhere for your photos can be absolutely epic. We can plan a quick getaway, get some amazing shots and have an absolute blast. Check into some reasonable flight rates / road trip and plan away! Let's go somewhere!


The best times of day to begin a photo session is when the sun is not so harsh, so either very early morning or later in the evening. If you want that "golden hour" look, plan on an evening session about two hours or so before sunset.

If your schedule doesn't allow for either of these times to happen, that's okay! We can shoot during the day, but we'll just need a location that has a good amount of shade.

Let's Talk Wardrobe

You should dress however makes you feel cool and confident. After all, these photos are about capturing you as your authentic self. But I have some advice for outfit planning!

  • I personally love neutrals or earth tones with a little splash of color. Don't be afraid to be "too extra". If there's an outfit in your closet that you've been dying to wear, but never had the occasion for, let's showcase it! Plan on color coordinating without completely matching.
  • Make sure everyone is dressed weather appropriate. I'd hate for anyone to be too cold or hot!
  • Try to avoid busy patterns, logos or clothing with sayings on them. It can be distracting and can quickly age your images.
  • Try things on before the session to make sure everything looks good.
  • If your package comes with two outfits, you can bring something more dressed up, and something a little more dressed down. Whatever you want!

Have fun with it and feel free to accessorize! You should feel like a total fashion icon.


If your dog is an important part of your relationship and you want to incorporate them into your engagement photos, here are some tips & requirements:

- Only bring your dog if they are friendly around strangers.
- Make sure they have a collar and a leash.
- Bring something to clean up after them.
- Bring a treat or a toy for me to use to get their attention.
- Bring a family member or friend along to watch the dog while we aren't using them for photos.