Getting Ready

You'd think the getting ready pictures are just of hair and makeup being done, but there are actually a lot of special moments and emotions that come along with the glam process. The moment of your dress being buttoned up, or the first time you look in the mirror fully ready and seeing yourself as a beautiful bride.

You've planned everything down to the very last detail, and it's important to document as much as we can.

When I arrive, I like to start with the detail photos (dress, shoes, invitations, perfume, rings, jewelry, etc). I like about 30 minutes or so to get these photos done.

Sometimes the hair and makeup areas can be messy due to the high volume of work they're doing, so typically hair and makeup photos are staged to where we can get you in a more photogenic spot.


  • Have all your detail items in one spot for when I arrive so we can get started with them quickly, and you don't have to stop your hair and makeup process to try and find certain items.
  • Hair and makeup always takes longer than anticipated, being that some people may need to be touched up. Always plan for a little extra time so the schedule doesn't run behind!
  • In the event that you don't have a pretty hanger for your dress, I typically bring one with me! But see about getting a hanger with your new last name! It always adds a cute little touch to those gorgeous dress pictures!

It's so fun to have your closest friends and family there with you to begin your day, and spend your last few hours with you before you walk down the aisle! Matching robes, shirts or PJS are always a fun capture before everyone gets dressed! It's a nice moment to share with everyone, the calm before the (fun) storm!

Let's designate some important people in your life to help you with those final details. It's always a special moment between mother and daughter. But we can always incorporate in laws, grandparents, or sisters!

I do get "getting ready" photos of both sides of the bridal party, but spend the majority of the time with whoever has more details. When I do pictures of the other side of the bridal party, they're typically quicker and staged. They're also usually done right before they see each other for the first time.

It doesn't take much time for these.

Just like before, we can designate parents, in laws, grandparents, or siblings for help with these photos.

I typically suggest around 90 minutes for getting ready photos.