Pregnancy Guide

Pregnancy photos are so exciting! It's about capturing those moments before you bring new life into this world. Whether you're taking photos to make the big announcement, reveal the gender or capture that baby bump, here's a guide to making sure our session is picture perfect!

Location, Location, Location

Is there a place that you love and is special to you that you'd want to capture these memories? If so, let's go there!

If you don't have any ideas, just let me know what kind of location you're envisioning! We can do the beach, woods, field, urban / city, etc. Just let me know what you think and I'll put some ideas together! That will also help determine what kind of outfit you'd want to wear, as well as what time of day would be best to start shooting.

What To Wear

First and foremost, your comfort is top priority. Your body is changing and going through a lot, and it's important that whatever you wear, you're feeling comfortable and confident.

  • Go all out! This is such a special time and deserves a special outfit. Don't be afraid to be too "extra." Flowy dresses are my favorites!
  • Outfits that are a little more form fitting show off your belly a lot better.
  • Avoid clothing with busy patterns, logos or wording.
  • Neutrals, earth tones, or something with a pop of color always look amazing for pictures.

What To Bring

Little details make for really cute photos. Feel free to bring some stuff along! You can bring a sign with your baby's name and due date, your sonogram, baby shoes, etc. None of these are required, but just a fun idea in case you want to get creative!

I'd also recommend bringing a comfortable pair of shoes since we'll be doing some walking.

Photos With Kiddos

If you're bringing your other kiddos to the shoot, here are some tips to make everything go smoothly!

-Talk to them about the session in the days leading up to it so they have a chance to get excited about it.
- Make sure they are napped and fed before the shoot.
- Bring a special treat as a reward (or bribe) for their good behavior.
-Maybe bring a family member or friend to make them laugh / hang out with them so we can do some couple's photos.