Pregnancy photos are so exciting! There are so many amazing moments within that 9 months that you'll want to remember. From the first announcement, or maybe even telling your family or significant other for the first time, finding out the gender, watching that belly grow, and just spending those last few months enjoying each other's company before bringing in a new life. Let's plan your perfect session!

When you close your eyes and envision your maternity photos, what do you see?

Location, Location, Location

Is there somewhere that makes you feel your happiest? Is there somewhere special to you or your family? Wherever we go, I want it to be somewhere that you envision memories being made. I want you to visit this location after our session and remember the emotions before becoming parents, the feeling of your little one kick inside your belly.

Do you see yourself in a downtown cityscape? Maybe the woods or a beach? Maybe your home is where you feel most confident and comfortable! We can always do a cozy in-home session! There are so many options. Tell me what your vision is when you picture our session!

If you're stuck on where to go, I'm happy to help and provide location ideas!

What To Wear

First and foremost, your comfort is top priority. Your body is changing and going through a lot, and it's important that whatever you wear, you're feeling comfortable and confident.

  • Go all out! This is such a special time and deserves a special outfit. Don't be afraid to be too "extra." Flowy dresses are my favorites!
  • Outfits that are a little more form fitting show off your belly a lot better.
  • Avoid clothing with busy patterns, logos or wording. It can be a bit distracting if done incorrectly!
  • Neutrals, earth tones, or something with a pop of color always look amazing for pictures.

Picking a location first will help us piece together what outfits will look best. We'll have a better idea of the colors and overall vibe of your session.

What To Bring

Little details make for really cute photos. Feel free to bring some stuff along! I always highly recommend bringing your sonogram. It's such a nice little touch and adds a lot of realness to the photos. Other ideas are a sign with the baby's name, baby shoes, etc. None of these are required, but just a fun idea in case you want to get creative!

I'd also recommend bringing a comfortable pair of shoes since we'll be doing some walking!

Photos With Kiddos

If you're bringing your other kiddos to the shoot, here are some tips to make everything go smoothly!

-Talk to them about the session in the days leading up to it so they have a chance to get excited about it.
- Make sure they are napped and fed before the shoot.
- Bring a special treat as a reward (or bribe) for their good behavior.
-Maybe bring a family member or friend to make them laugh / hang out with them so we can do some couple's photos / solo shots.