About Boudoir

Boudoir isn't about the lingerie, it's about you! As women, we naturally tend to criticize ourselves- especially our bodies. It's easy to look at photos of models and celebrities in magazines and feel like we need to meet a certain standard of beauty, and what our bodies should look like. We spend so much time looking at our imperfections as flaws, rather than realizing that it's what makes us real women; unique and authentic.

But here's a secret: You are beautiful. Your body is beautiful. Boudoir is about celebrating you, the real you. It's about empowerment, finding a new sense of self confidence, getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. So go pick out an outfit that makes you feel your absolute best.

My biggest thing being behind the camera is making sure you're comfortable. We'll put on a playlist of your choice, we'll laugh, chat and keep things light and fun. I'll show you photos as we go along so you can see how amazing you look. I will guide your posing, but also leave room for any of your ideas. It's not as scary as you think, and I think you'll be surprised at how much fun you'll have and how it will change your perspective of yourself.

Pricing & Packages

Package 1


90 Minute Session
50 images (option to purchase more)
Up to 3 Outfits

If you're one of my current wedding brides, take 15% off your package!

Make it a girl's day!

Perfect for bachelorette parties or bonding with your BFFs!

Group Boudoir (3 person minimum):
40 Minutes per person
2 outfits per person
$350 per person


*If this is for a bachelorette party, the bride gets 60 minutes and can bring an additional outfit.



Ugggh! Aileen was absolutely amazing!! I loved every minute of my shoot with her. I went in nervous & not so confident & left loving myself so much more! 10/10 recommend!

This body has carried me through hard times. It looks exactly the way it is supposed to.

— veronica roth

Please note that the client is financially responsible for covering any rental fees.


Where do we do these photos at?

We have a few different options! I can either come to you (your home, a friend's home, etc!), or we can rent a studio space! Heads up that the client is responsible for covering the fee for the studio.

how does it work to get the book made?

Most of my boudoir clients make their own book. They like to pick out and design it themselves, and that's totally fine. I have some recommendations for sires you can go to that make beautiful books. If you'd like me to make the book, we will go over which photos you want to use and I'll give you a custom price quote.

How do i book?

1. Message me to chat about details.
2. I'll send you a contract to sign via email.
3. Pay the total upfront to reserve the date and time.

What should I wear?

Most importantly, you should wear whatever you are most comfortable and confident in. If that's lingerie, let's do it! Other ideas are cute PJs, oversized cozy sweater or tee, robes, your significant other's favorite t-shirt, a sexy form fitting dress. There are lots of options! What makes you feel most authentically you?! Feel free to consult with me about your ideas!