Pricing & Packages

Labor + Delivery

End of labor
Beginning of delivery
Skin to skin
Solos of baby
Baby + Parents
Online gallery + print release

*Let your doctor know there will be a photographer there.


C-Section Delivery

Prep before delivery
Skin to skin
Solos of baby
Baby + Parents
Online Gallery + Print release

*You'll need to get permission from your doctor that I'm allowed in the operating room.


Fresh 48

Not wanting the birth, but want photos at the hospital of your family and friends meeting your newest addition? Fresh 48 is the package for you!

2 hours coverage
Solos of baby
Baby + family
Online gallery + print release



How do I book?

Message me to discuss details. We can set up a game plan, and get the ball rolling. I'll send you an electronic contract to sign, and you can pay the 50% retainer fee. From there, the final payment can be made once the baby is here.

How do we plan a birth session?

Your baby can truly come at any time. Over the course of your last few weeks of pregnancy, we would touch base about your doctor's appointments and how everything is moving along.
Once your water breaks and you're at the hospital, we'll designate a family member or friend to be in touch with me to keep me updated about your progress. I'll come to the hospital as you're getting closer to ending labor and starting the delivery!
From there, you just worry about delivering and let me capture it all for you.

What happens if the baby comes and you're unable to be there?

Babies are on their own time schedule. If they come sooner or later than expected and I have a prior engagement that I cannot get out of (wedding, out of town, etc) I will do my very best to find you another photographer who can be there quickly. If I do not find coverage, I will refund what you have already paid. I only take on birth photos that I know I have some wiggle room in the weeks before and after just as a precaution.