Pricing & Packages


Solo shots of your newborn
2 outfits
45 minutes
Online gallery + print release


Baby + Us

Solo shots of your newborn
Shots with the family (group + individuals)
2 outfits for baby
90 minutes
Online gallery + print release



Newborn - 6 month - 1 year sessions
Solos + family shots
60 minutes each
Online gallery + print release



How do I book?

First, message me your inquiry. We can set your desired package, ballpark date and time. From there, I'll send you an electronic contract to sign. Then you can pay the 50% retainer fee to be officially on the books!

What should we do to prep for our newborn session?

- Make sure the temperature in your house the day of the session is nice and toasty. Babies are happy when they're nice and warm.
- Try to time it so the baby eats right before we begin. Even if you're almost done when I arrive.
- Sessions are usually done in-home. so I'll come to you!
- I work in the parts of the home with the best natural light, so just have those rooms ready.
- Plain colored or lightly patterned swaddles photograph really well.
- If there are any of the baby's items (blankets, toys, personal items, etc) that you'd like to incorporate in the pictures, have those items available.

when should we schedule our newborn session?

Babies are on their own time schedules. You can sign the contract and pay the retainer upfront to get the ball rolling, and once the baby is here and you're at home / feeling comfortable, we can go ahead and get a day on the books. Typically they're done within the first few weeks of life.

What about props?

I'm not a "props" kind of photographer. Especially when it comes to newborns. I like to focus on their little features and facial expressions. I'd say the style is more lifestyle / candid than posed. I bring a few blankets with me to lay them on. But you're welcome to incorporate your own, or any of their baby blankets. If you're set on having props, you're welcome to provide them.

What should we wear?

I always recommend (for both the family and the baby) to wear light colors, and avoid clothing with heavy patterns or logos. It will keep your photos looking timeless.

Your baby can have two outfits if you're doing the "Baby + Us" session. One for their individual photos (I typically recommend a plain colored swaddle), and then one separate outfit for your family photos.