Planning Your Newborn Session

Newborn sessions are all about capturing your baby's first moments in their new world. These sessions are so sweet and intimate, but also require a lot of planning and preparing. Here are some tips to ensure our session is picture perfect!

Babies are on their own schedules and arrive whenever they're ready. Typically newborn sessions are done within the first few weeks of their life, but within the first 10 days are ideal for capturing those tiny newborn features. Once your little one is here, contact me and we can go ahead and get a date on the books!

I normally come to your home to do these photos, but if you don't want to do them at your house, let me know and we can discuss alternate locations.

Babies are happiest when they've got full bellies, clean diapers and lots of warmth.

Try to time it so that your baby eats immediately before the session begins. Even if you're still feeding when I arrive, that's totally okay. I need a few minutes to get set up and situated anyways.

When we begin the session, I'll start with the photos of just your baby. It's important to make sure they're nice and warm. Before I arrive, turn up the heat in your house, or have a space heater in the room that we're using. Once their solo photos are done, we can go ahead and turn the temperature back to a comfortable level.

If you can, try to keep your baby awake for a few hours before the session so they are peacefully sleeping for photos.

If at any point during the session your baby needs to be changed, fed or just held for a little bit, pausing the session is totally okay. Your baby's needs are the top priority.

What To Wear

When planning outfits for your baby or yourself, it's all about simplicity. Plain colors photograph nicely and give a clean and timeless look to these images. Heavy patterns or colors can be distracting. I always recommend creams, grays, blacks, whites or earth tones. A little pop of color is always nice, but it has to be done right.

Try to limit your baby's outfits to two. They tend to get upset when they're changed a lot in a short period of time. A plain colored swaddle is always nice to start, and then a separate outfit for their family photos and some solo shots tends to work nicely!

Sibling Photos

If you have other kiddos in addition to your newborn, it's important and exciting to get some shots of them with their newest sibling. Here are some tips for making this part of the session go smoothly!

In the days leading up to the session, talk to them about it and tell them someone is going to come and take some photos of them with the new baby. This gives them time to process and get excited for the session. Also, let them practice holding the baby so you'll be comfortable with them holding your newborn for photos.

I like to get the photos with your other kids done at the beginning of the session so they are free to hang out after. It can be hard to keep their focus for long periods of time, so doing their photos early on ensures better shots!

Make sure to reward your little one for doing an awesome job for photos! Maybe a special snack or new toy will encourage them to give extra smiles!

I suggest inviting a family member or close friend over to keep your child company when they aren't being used for photos. By keeping them busy with a game, snack or activity will give us the space and time we need to get those amazing newborn shots.

Prepping Before The Session

I typically work in the areas of the home with the best natural light. Have those areas readily available. I might need to move some things around to accommodate the lighting the best, but will definitely help put everything back before I go!

Baby skin is prone to dryness and acne. They also tend to scratch themselves and have small cuts on their faces. If your little one has any blemishes or cuts, those are a simple touch up during editing so don't worry! As far as dryness goes, try to keep their skin hydrated before the session with lotion.

Although I have tons of ideas of my own, I want to make sure all of yours are incorporated as well. Feel free to come to me with your own vision and we can work together to bring our ideas together!


How many photos do we get?

I don't limit the number of images I deliver. I value quality over quantity, but definitely try to produce a variety of images for you to enjoy. It will also depend on the cooperation of the newborn.

What about props?

I'm not really a "props" kind of photographer. I'd prefer to focus on your baby's features / facial expressions and your connection with them rather than having it be about the props. If you want to incorporate props, you're more than welcome to provide your own! Just let me know ahead of time what you plan on having so I can be prepared!

What do we need to have ready?

-Boppy or some sort of pillow to place the baby on.
-Bottle at the ready in case they need to eat
-Diapers on hand in case they need to be changed