Hey, i'm aileen.

pronounced "i-lean"

I've been a full time girl boss since October of 2016. I am a preserver of memories, feelings, and once in a lifetime moments. How cool is it that I get to support myself by doing something I am so in love with?!

In my free time, I love being a couch potato and binge watching a true crime or comedy series. I'm a very proud aunt to the 6 cutest kiddos (2 sweet girls, and 4 crazy, beautiful boys). They have me wrapped around their sticky, adorable fingers. It's my favorite thing about me.

I love traveling, spending time with my family and friends, game nights and Nicolas Cage (I met him in the parking lot of a Dollar General.. I'll tell you all about it).

I'd love to be your photo bestie. Let's connect!


Lasagna is my favorite food.


I've got a bad sweet tooth. My veins are basically running with chocolate syrup..


I really want to travel to New Zealand someday.