Why invest?

Time flies. It may not seem like it day to day, but we often find ourselves wondering "how is it already winter?!" or "how is my baby turning 3 next week?!" You blink and next thing you know, we're in a new chapter of life. Photographs preserve those memories so you can hold onto them for a lifetime.

So now you're probably wondering "why would I hire a photographer when I can just take photos on my phone?"

You're investing in photos, but also investing in an experience. I pride myself on making sure the session is memorable and fun. It won't be smiling and looking at the camera the whole time. It will be making weird noises, tickling, running like you're a Bay Watch beach babe. It will be telling each other what you love most about the other. It'll be singing your favorite songs and dancing and laughing. These are your memories. And it's my job to preserve them, but also help create them.

The harsh truth is, memories fade. But looking at photos helps to relive that moment in time. That moment is infinite.

For me, photography is so much more than taking a pretty picture. It's about telling a story, your story.

Reasons for a photoshoot:

  1. Just because they're fun
  2. Celebrating a milestone or exciting news
  3. Gifts for people (cards, shadowboxes, etc)
  4. New home decor for yourself

What Clients Are Saying:

What Clients Are Saying:

“World's greatest photographer!”


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