I'm here to help!

Your pictures are finally ready! I'm sur you're eager to download those bad boys, make them FB official, or even order prints to hang above the fireplace! Confused about how to go about doing any of that? I got you, besties!


You'll need to download the entire gallery to a laptop or computer because of the large file size. You can do this by opening the gallery link, and then clicking the download symbol in the upper right hand corner. Follow the instructions given by the link.

However, if you'd like to download individual photos to your phone for sharing on social media, texting, etc, you an do so by clicking on the photo, and then hitting the download arrow. Easy peasy!

I always recommend download the high resolution images. Web size is great for sharing on Instagram or Facebook, but not for printing or hanging onto.

My watermark will not be on the images downloaded with the download pin number. No worries!

Pin + Expiration

The four digit pin number can be found in the link from PixieSet under the "View Photos" button.

I'll provide you with an expiration date. It can be found in the emailed link from PixieSet. I'll include it in the text above the "View Photos" button. You have until that date to download your images and make all print purchases. If you miss the deadline and your gallery is not accessible anymore, there will be a $50 re-upload fee. I cannot guarantee redelivery of your gallery after that date.


As you can see, there is a shopping cart icon in your gallery. Did you know that ordering prints through the link not only guarantees beautiful, high quality prints that will last, but you're also supporting a small business (me!). While I don't personally have anything to do with the printing process, I do get a small commission for any sales made through the link. So if you're going to order prints, why not help a sister out?!

You can click the photo you'd like to print, click the shopping cart icon, and order the size and paper quality of your choice. The site automatically crops the images, so please make sure they're cropped to your liking before submitting your order.

I do provide you a print release form if you'd like to take it to the printer of your choice.

I highly recommend printing your images! They deserve to be showcased!


These pics are just too cute not to post, right?! The photos are all yours to share away with your family and friends. I ask that when you are sharing to social media, please credit me! It helps me get my name out there to reach other potential clients, and keeps me going as a small business owner.

If posting on Instagram, if you could @ and also tag me, that would be great! If clients check out my tagged photos, there will be an entire beautiful gallery from past clients who shared their images!

Facebook can be a little tricky with crediting. You can first try to @ me. If my link doesn't come up, try the location section. If that still doesn't work, I'd be just as happy with you saying "Photo Credit to Aileen Elizabeth Photography". If you want to go above and beyond, you can also put the link to my website. But no worries if that's too much work!

Do not post screenshots of the images! The quality looks very poor and doesn't reflect the image or my work properly.

I know when sharing on social media, it might be tempting to slap a filter on the image. Don't do it! Not only is it very insulting (as someone who spent literal hours editing your images to perfection for you) but it is my art. They are not to be altered in any way. If you have any edit requests, please talk to me about it when you get your gallery and I'm happy to make changes! Raw images will only be saved for one week after delivery, so please discuss with me as soon as possible.


Please leave a review! Leaving a review of your photos and experience will help me grow in my business. When other potential clients are shopping around and hopefully come across my page, I want them to feel confident when hiring me, and reviews can definitely make a huge difference!


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