Hey there, happy couple!

If you're here- chances are you're engaged and planning a wedding, so congrats!

I'm gonna shoot it to you straight. You're going to be planning this wedding over these next however many months. You're going to get overwhelmed. You're going to probably wish you had just eloped in Vegas (if you do- take me with you!). You can plan every detail down to perfection, and your day is still not going to go exactly as you planned. So throw all expectations out the window.

Your dress is going to get dirty. Your timeline is going to run behind schedule. It might rain, it might snow. The bus might be late. Who knows. Whatever it is, remember that this is YOUR day. And it's perfect because of that reason alone. It is your wedding day! Whatever happens, put on a smile and roll with it. It's not worth it to obsess over what may be going wrong, but focus on the fact that you're marrying your soul mate today, surrounded by people who love you unconditionally. That's what is important. So just relax and enjoy.

In the meantime, let's talk about what we CAN control. I'm here to help you plan ahead and make things go as smoothly as possible! Let's go!


It's super important to keep in mind (now, and through the entire process) that this day is yours. It is about you and your partner. People are going to want to give their opinions, and that's okay. But don't be afraid to tell people no if their idea does not line up with your vision. Don't try and make everyone else happy. It is your day!

Tips Before We Start

We’re basically going to account for every minute of your day. As previously mentioned, it may not go as planned. But that’s okay! Always be sure to add in a little bit of time to each event on the schedule. Things like walking to and from cars, bathroom breaks, hair or makeup touchups, dress bustling, etc. It may seem like just a few minutes and may not seem significant, but the day goes by so fast and every second counts. So we need to count it in! And then if we’re ahead of schedule, awesome! Sit back and enjoy! Better to be ahead than too behind and have to rush.

Do some research and see what time the sun is supposed to set on your day and plan around it. It’s important for us to get great lighting for our photos!

Not everything needs to be a scheduled photoshoot. If we have downtime, enjoy yourself and allow me to take detail shots or candids. I love capturing the day as it is and watching my couples truly take in every moment.


How do we book with you?

To book your date, you must sign the contract (it will be sent to you electronically with all of your info plugged in) as well as a 40% retainer fee.

How does everything work with payments?

Payments can be made through PayPal, check or cash. You can make payments at your convenience from the time you book until 2 weeks before your wedding.

When should we expect our wedding photos?

Turnaround time is typically 7 to 10 weeks. I try and send a sneak peek photo within a few days of the wedding for you to enjoy!

Can our guests get photos?

Yes! Your guests are welcome to download photos directly from your link. They're welcome to share on social media. When sharing the link with everyone, kindly ask if they could tag me when they post. It helps more people to find my page and help my small business grow!
Guests are also welcome to order prints through the link by clicking the shopping cart icon.

What if other vendors want to use the photos to advertise their work / business?

I'm happy to support my fellow vendors and typically have no issues with them using images for social media use with credit. I always ask that you direct your vendors to me so that I can see what the images are being used for, and make sure that they have the right size image to accurately display my work. Please have them email me.

Every wedding day is different from the last. The timeline suggestions I recommend may not fit the mold of your wedding day, and that's okay! These are all just my recommendations based on how I normally work. So don't stress it if you want to add more time than I recommend, or if we don't have enough time. It's all up to you! I'm just here to help.